The journey is the condition that I follow for necessity and that
I experience like a privilege across the photography.


Terrassa, 1989.



· Canon Eos 5D Mark II
· Lens: 24-105mm / 4f - 
70-300mm / 5.6f

· Nissin Di700A Flash

 · Nikon D75
· Lens: 28-80mm / 3.5f - 
70-300mm / 5.6f


2018 I Master in Participative and Therapeutic Photography (Instituto 8)

2018 I Humanities Degree (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC. Spain)

2017 I Profesional stage about cultural mediation in Centre d'Art et Photographie de Lectoure during the festival Été photographique de Lectoure (France).

2016 I Profesional stage about comunication, production and difussion difusion of circus arts in the Associació de Professionals del Circ de Catalunya (Catalunya).

2013 I  Perfeccionament in photographic digitalization in Centro Nacional del Patrimonio Fotográfico (Santiago de Chile)

2010 I  Title of Superior Technician in Image (IES Santa Eulàlia)


2019  I "Construïm Mirades" Experimental Photography Project in Espai Jove de Torelló. 

          I Image and photography for the cross-border circus project Pakatras (France, Catalonia). 

          I "Traces of the future" photopedagogical project in the Terraoasi_3 program: Art, education and territory.

2018  I Cyanotip Workshop for children with Föreningen Konst & Landskap association in Ockelbo (Sweden).

          I Community Manager for the World Press Photo Barcelona 2018 organized by Photographic Social Vision Foundation (Catalunya).

          I "Construïm Mirades" Experimental Photography Project for young people in Espai Jove Joan Amades de Manresa (Catalunya).

          I Creation of photopedagogic collectif "Construïm Mirades" with the photographer Oriol Segon.

          I Communication, production and photography for the Cross-border Circus project Pakatras (France, Catalunya).

2017  I Community Manager for DOCfield 2017 documentary festival organized by Photographic Social Vision Foundation (Catalunya).

          I TNT theatre festival photographer (Cataluña).

          I Collaboration in the communication department for l'Été Photographique 2017 festival organized by Centre d'Art et Photographie de Lectoure (France).

          I l'Été Photographique 2017 festival photographer, organized by Centre d'Art et Photographie de Lectoure (France).

          I Audiovisual reportage about de project "Descobrint les arts escèniques" organized by Manresa City Hall and the dancer Maria Ribera (Catalunya).

          I Community Manager for the World Press Photo Barcelona 2017 organized by Photographic Social Vision Foundation (Catalunya).

          I Festival du cirque Ay-Roop photographer, Rennes (France).

Since 2015 I Ateneu Popular de 9Barris performing arts photographer (Spain)

2014 I Fira del Circ a Catalunya Trapezi photographer (Spain)

2012 - 2013 I Technician of the department of photographic digitalization in Centro Nacional del Patrimonio Fotográfico (Chili)

2013 I Photographer of the dictionary of circus ” “(Generalitat de Catalunya. Departament de Cultura)

2012 I  Photographies for Festival GREC, Barcelona (Spain)

Since 2010 I Press Photographer; Zirkolika, Diari Ara, Diari Terrassa, Diari AVUI El Punt, Diari La Vanguardia, El Periódico, and others.

                   I Festival de circ de Terrassa photographer   

2010 - 2011 I Photographic Studio KRONO, Terrassa. (Spain)

2010 - 2016 I Communication and photographer of Circus Association Tub d’Assaig 7.70, Terrassa. (Spain)


2017 I

Exhibition about the project "Descobrint les arts escèniques" for the Manresa City Hall.

“SER: instantània en moviment”  Photographic project in;

- (2017 April) Casal Pere Quart, Sabadell.

- (2016 May-July) Acadèmia Ciències Mèdiques, Sabadell

- (2016 April) Centre Cívic Cotxeres Borrell, Barcelona.

- (2016 March) Inaugurated in Casa Elizalde, Barcelona.    

Exhibition about cultural project "Kolonilotterna" with Föreningen Konst & Landskap.

- (2017 Febraury) Museo de Gävle, Sweden

- (2016 October) Centro Cultural de Ockelbo, Sweden

2014 I

“Circ (desambiguació)".  Winning exhibition. Exposed in ;

- (2014 August to September) 6th Festival de Circ de Terrassa, Biblioteca de Terrassa

- (2014 March) Centre Cívic Elèctric. Barcelona   

- (2014 Mai) Fira de Circ Trapezi de Reus, Reus

- (2014 February) Centre Cívic Parc Sandaru. Barcelona

- (2014 January)Centre Cultural de Terrassa, Terrassa

- (2013 November) Centre Cívic Fort Pienc. Barcelona (21 d’octubre a 22 de novembre 2013).

- (2013 October) La Central del Circ. Barcelona (juny 2013 a octubre 2013)

2013 I Exhibition "Circ contemporani” programada en el 5è Festival de Circ de Terrassa.

2012 I Exhibition "Cinc anys de circ “  (Bd4, Terrassa) programated in the 4th Festival de Circ de Terrassa.

2010 - 2011 I El circ a Terrassa”  (Bd2 i Bd4, Terrassa) programated in the 2nd  Festival de Circ de Terrassa.

2009 I “Cirquíl·liumn” (Pupil·les Gustatives, Terrassa)



2019 I "Intencions" by photographic collectif Xafa't in Casa Soler i Palet (Terrassa).

2018 I Exibition about social project SPORTJUGEND Vollversammlung, Biblis (Germany).

2017 I Exhibition "Vi lever mitt i världen" inWij Trädgardar House in Ockelbo. Organized by Konst&Landskap association, with Rabeaa Ibrahim, Imad Rashdan and Basem Zammam sculptures and Patrik Hell de Delsbo painter (Suécia).

2016 I Exhibition "Omm föreningen Konst & Landska" in Gävle Museum about the social project about the refugee people in Sweden.       

         I Exhibition "Att komma till ön med skatten är inget äventyr" about the refugee kids in Marma and Tosaker, Sweden.

2015 I Photographic project “Rizhom@” selected for 1st Analogic photography and alternative processes festival of Patagonia. Rio Gallegos, Argentina.

         I Art Festival Stripart, Barcelona.

         I Photographic exhibition for Circus Month of Santiago de Chile, organized by Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Chile, CNCA. Santiago de Chile, Chili.

2014 I Exhibition member of “La Festa Popular. La Catalanitat Cívica”. (Direcció General de Cultura Popular, Associacionisme and Acció Cultural del Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya), Barcelona.



2013 l First photographic prize in Festival Besmina 2013, Barcelona




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